Giving Back to OUR Community

CoVerica Cares is a nonprofit organization partnered with Communities Foundation of Texas to give back to the community through time, resources, exposure, and donations to four specific local charities. These four local charities, chosen by the employees of CoVerica Insurance, are as follows:

La Familia de Esperanza

Dedicated to providing physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support in North Texas communities to under-served youth and their families.

Genesis Women’s Shelter

Provides safety, shelter, and support for women who have experienced domestic violence.

The Warren Center

Advocates, serves, and empowers children and families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities.

In-Sync Exotics

Dedicated to the rescue of neglected, abused and unwanted exotic felines.

“CoVerica Cares aims to follow the Golden Rule: ‘Treat others as ourselves.’ Working hard with purpose while supporting each other ultimately generates a better workplace environment. The resulting advantage is enough profit to provide employees a great living while supporting our community needs, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.” – Mike Sterlacci, CoVerica’s CEO and founder.


CoVerica Cares was founded in 2017 by Mike and Heidi Sterlacci as an extension of their vision to use their business to support and give back to both the community and their employees. “It was evident that CoVerica’s employees had a sincere interest in rallying together to serve local causes, so Mike and I identified a path that we believe maximizes our potential,” says Heidi Sterlacci. The meaning of the name CoVerica came from combining two purposes— “Cover America” with “Veritas”, the Greek word for truth. CoVerica Cares, therefore, is a logical extension of the same concept. We are serving the less fortunate within the community we insure, and more. As we cover America better, we are also able to help others as ourselves, specifically those in need.

North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day was founded by Communities Foundation of Texas in 2009 as an 18-hour online giving event “designed to empower every person to give back to their community by supporting local nonprofits and causes they care about in one easy-to-use platform.” North Texas Giving Day receives more support each year, and has raised a total of $290 million, including $50 million from just 2019 alone. Through North Texas Giving Day, our donations can often be amplified or even doubled thanks to generous partners and those pledging to match contributions.

Selecting our Charities

CoVerica Cares chose to partner with Communities Foundation of Texas, “a public charity serving thousands of people who share a common interest—improving the quality of life in their region and beyond. Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create charitable funds that help meet local and national challenges.” This organization screens charities at a high level so we can support with confidence and responsibility, and make sure that our aid is going to who needs it most.

Year-round Giving

Not only does CoVerica Cares offer its support on North Texas Giving Day, but employees give their time and resources year-round. From volunteer days, food drives, an annual charity golf tournament, among other donation drives, CoVerica’s employees are active participants in the charities they are passionate about. As CoVerica succeeds in treating others as ourselves, adhering to our unique principals, we also succeed in living out our God-given purpose. As long as these principals are met, CoVerica Cares aims to continue to do the best possible good we can in our community for years to come.

Volunteer Photos